Norton Utilities Premium Review

After installing the program, the web interface will display a list of cloud-related devices and all files and folders synchronized with them that can be managed from anywhere in the world.

What Should You Know about Norton Utilities Premium?

After entering the license code, you can continue to use the program. You will receive updates over the next 12 months, which means your computer will be protected from the latest threats. Once every 12 months, you will need to re-register. The program will warn you in advance about this – in the main window, you will see a message.

Key features of Norton Utilities Premium:

  • Safely delete personal documents so no one can access them.
  • Helps preserve the privacy of your digital by allowing you to delete file downloads in your browser.
  • Clean up and speed up your computer by fixing common problems that can lead to reduced crashes or incidents.
  • Automatically optimize your PC’s CPU, memory, and hard drive when you launch the application needed to bring your gaming experience, editing, and live broadcasting from a smooth.
  • Identify and help you remove unnecessary startup programs that slow down startup and start without your knowledge.
  • Computer help works automatically when your computer is inactive.

The Remote Assistance tool allows you to give other users remote (“remote”) access to your computer. This can be useful if you are having difficulty using the program and want another user to temporarily take control of your computer and help you fix the problem. If you provide remote assistance, click the “Control remote computer” button. Enter the code you received from the user who needs help and click the “Connect” button. Once the connection is established, this dialog will disappear and the Remote Desktop window will be displayed.

Our Review on Norton Utilities Premium

Clicking Details will display detailed information about the current program status and virus definitions:

1. Live screens.

As the name implies, real-time screens protect your computer from threats in “real-time”, ie. at the moment of detection of these threats – therefore, the state of the screens in the general case should be “Enabled”. If any of the screens are disabled, you will see an “Off” status. To re-enable the screens, click the Enable button.

2. Virus definition version.

Here you will see the current norton utilities premium of the virus definitions. By default, these definitions are updated automatically. If you want to update manually, click the Update button. Then you can choose whether you want to update only the program or the program and the virus definitions together. If you need to control someone’s computer or, conversely, provide control over your computer via a local or global network, special utilities for remote access are used. Let’s consider the functionality of the most popular programs in this category.

3. Program version.

The current version of the program is displayed here. To manually update, click Update. An Unprotected state means that all live screens are off. To enable all screens and fully protect your computer, click the Fix button. Alternatively, use the down arrow buttons on the right side of the screen to turn on each screen separately.

4. Auto-update definitions.

In general, you will see the “Enabled” status here. In this case, virus definitions will be automatically updated every time you connect to the Internet. To enable or disable this feature, click Change. We recommend that you always use the “Automatic Updates” of the scan engine and virus definitions.

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