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Norton Security is pretty much the same as it was for a couple of decades. On top of the window, there is a status of your PC. There is an addition to the field that lists how a lot of your Norton features come in use. Norton Security Premium provides you the best to set up the security applications. Let’s get started with the Norton Security free trial and review.

Norton provides the free trial to the Norton Security. You can get access to it through the official site and can buy the license if you loved the program. Installing the program is normal as usual. Now, let’s start with the review of Norton Security.

Main features Norton Security free trial

Below the status, the area is just four categories: Online Safety Security, Backup, and overall performance. There’s also a category called Norton with software. The status area preceding varies while you switch between categories providing you a synopsis of some other element of your computer. As soon as the Performance section is emphasized, as an instance, it shows a count of CPU platform usage and also Norton CPU usage.

Security (pictured above) is where you are able to conduct security scans, upgrade the applications, view your device’s history of current safety events, along with a higher level option for fixing your various security options like the improved antivirus, intrusion protection, email security, browser security, etc.

This section is simple and straightforward to comprehend. You are able to conduct a conventional quick scan, the complete system scan, a custom scan, or even perhaps a custom task such as cleansing temporary browser files, maximizing your hard drive (do not try so to an SSD), also burning files.

Additionally, there is Norton antivirus review, which is assumed to delete stubborn dangers, also Norton insight, a quality that assesses the files onto your own system to ascertain those, if any, have to be monitored more closely. You could view a record that assesses topics such as if there is hardware that is working correctly, if your os is left up to date, and also if you ought to examine your startup apps.

Online Safety used to be called “Entry,” however, the present name tends to make it clearer exactly what this section is about. There are not as many features at Premium’s variant. The malware defense setting has been finished (malware security is maybe perhaps not ), however, this continues to be the spot to proceed to get Norton’s Password Manager, password generator, and also a quick connection to Norton’s browser extensions. If you are not utilizing a manager you need to use the one.

The section that is Backup can be a cloud-based backup with 25GB contained at no cost on your own subscription. The performance comprises the extras security suites that provide you like document clean up a drive optimizer, startup manager, and also a few performance reports. All these are fine to own in 1 package, but even once we’ve noticed many times you are able to come across these features as an integral part of Windows or as utilities.

Upward on top, Norton is currently rocking its own name card feature that delivers an overview of security activities in your personal computer.

Norton Security Premium package has some minor changes and improvements. This may be a very good thing since Norton was our top option. Norton does not have many features as security suites, however, it will have useful features, so we hope to see from suites like that.


It is usually wonderful to get something and fresh, or a few features, but that may not be exactly what you get with Norton Security Premium. Alternatively, you get pretty much identical items you had time with exactly the prices.

In case you’re already using Norton, then there isn’t any reason to modify; and anybody needs to look at using the exceptional security option of Symantec.


  • Straightforward and easy-to-understand interface
  • Liberal apparatus licensing
  • 25GB of storage along with also a supervisor


  • Does not have as many extras as additional superior suites
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